Monday, September 10, 2012

[DIY] Homemade oily skin mask

I don't know about you girls, but I really love to try a lot of homemade tricks for my skin, hair or body, and I thought about sharing my experiences with you.

This one is for those of you with oily skin, and it's my favourite mask so far! You only need an albumen (egg white) and 1, maybe 1 and a half tablespoons of corn flour.

First, put the egg white in the recipient in which you want to create the mask:

Pour the corn flour over it:

Aaaand mix! (couldn't be easier!)

 Et voila! You made your own quick, cheap and efficient face mask!

Yes, I know, it looks gross but believe me, it works wonders!

So, after that, apply it on your skin and stay with it until it dries (it takes up to 15 - 20 mins). When it's dry, rinse it off (I use cold water, but you can use warm water as well), and while doing it you can gently massage it, because it makes a great natural scrub!

Look how this mask closed my pores and cleaned my face (I pictured the same skin area, using the super-macro effect, so that the photo be very clear).

Click on the image to see it larger and clearer!

I think that the difference is obvious. I feel my skin very clean and smooth, I simply love this mask and I use it very often.

Which is YOUR favourite homemade face mask?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[2012] August Favorites!

 Well hello!

Since it's the beginning of September, I've decided to follow the trend and write about products I loved using during August. So, I'll skip the talkie and show you the items.

 1 - Bourjois Deodorant net & frais: it has a delicious, citric smell and leaves no white traces behind!

2 - Blanchette B Facial Peeling Cream: this is a very cheap cream, I didn't expect it to be so efficient for me. And even if it's for normal and dry skin, it worked great on my oily skin, too. You can find it in Kaufland hypermarkets (it's produced for them, as I know).

3 - Syoss Volume Lift Hair Thickening Fluid: I like this product because it actually makes my thin hair feel and look thicker. - unfortunately, this awesome product is not produced anymore *cries*
 4 - Comme une Evidence - This Yves Rocher perfume has a floral, feminine smell, it doesn't cause me headaches and it lasts almost all day long. It's one of my all time favorites and it's never missing from my collection. 
5 - Eveline Cosmetics Big Volume Lash Mascara (Deep Black): I don't know how many of you heard about this Polish cosmetic brand, I discovered it by mistake and I'm totally in love with it! It's very cheap, gives volume and lenght without making my lashes look clumpy.

6 - Avon Planet Spa Japanese Sake and Rice Refreshing Eye Smoother: I've used this every single morning since I bought it. It's very refreshing, hydrating, and it reduces puffiness.

Did you use any of these products? I wanna hear your opinion about it! Which are YOUR favorites?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

iHerb wishlist #1


During the last couple of weeks I've read a lot about iHerb, its products, hauls and reviews from girls living all over the World. I noticed that there's a little obsession going on, and I, as a self proclaimed cosmetic shopaholic, will definitely take action.

So, after studying opinions posted both on blogs and iHerb, surfing through related products and writing down anything that caught my attention, I finally managed to create an account and a pretty big wishlist.

The items picked up by me can be easily categorized like this: iHerb's best sellers (these are also intensely reviewed and appreciated by customers), products recommended by a few bloggers and products that I simply find interesting and I want to give them a try.

I hope you will like my magic list, maybe it will insipre you. Also, I wanna know if you have tried any of these, which are your impressions and which is your wishlist!

Hair care:

1. Biotin B-Complex Therapy Thickening Shampoo (Avalon Organics)

2. Mane 'n Tail Shampoo

3. Mane 'n Tail Conditioner

4. Mane 'n Tail Hair Strengthener

5. Mane 'n Tail Detangler Spray

Skin care:

6. Mint Julep Masque

7. Sweet Almond Oil

8. Pore Perfecting Toner

Body care:

9. Chamomile Satin Shower Body Wash 

10. Crystal Body Deodorant

11. Crystal Body Deodorant (Spray)

Dental care:

12. Smokers Whitening Toothpaste 

13. Coffee Drinkers Whitening Toothpaste

14. Xyli White Toothpaste

15. Jason Whitening Toothpaste

16. 5-Minute Whitening System

Makeup accessories:

17. EcoTools Brushes  

18. Real Techniques Brushes


19. Women's One Vitamins 

20. E-200

21. Gotu Kola

22. Biotin

23. Gelatin

Weight loss:

24. Hollywood 48-Hour Diet 


25. Dishmate